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Search Engine Optimization

We want to take a moment to be sure that you have a good feel for what digital marketers mean by “SEO.”  Sometimes customers feel a bit left out of conversations that use industry terms, and we want to be sure that our services are clear and easy to understand. Understanding SEO is crucial to understanding the business dynamic and how important it is to optimize your site. 

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.”  Generally speaking, SEO refers to how well your website functions with major search engines like Google and Bing.  Effective Search Engine Optimization makes use of free search engine results and provides your company with maximized visibility and customer traffic. 

Search Engine Optimization is a general term, and generally refers to the technical construction of your site as well as the quality of the creative sales content of your site.  These work together to strengthen your ranking on search engine results and bring customers to your site. Many factors are involved in understanding SEO, including the language used in the content on your site, how links to your site from other sites are structured, and your site’s compatibility with major search engines such as Google and Bing.   

Why is SEO important?

Search engines are the primary drivers of commercial traffic on the internet.   Social media is important and growing, but SEO remains the king of directing customers to your company’s site.  SEO brings customers who are already motivated to find your company’s products and services directly to your content and sales pages.  Without effective Search Engine Optimization, your company will miss out entirely on these motivated customers. With strong SEO, your business will be addressing your targeted and motivated customers directly.

What are the basics of SEO?

Effective SEO includes multiple and complex methods and tactics, but the basics are easy to understand.  Major search engines want your business to utilize strong SEO, as quality SEO helps them provide their users with the most accurate and helpful results.  In essence, a search engines’ primary function is to “crawl and index” the web. Search engines crawl the billions of pages on the web, inspecting them and grouping them effectively for searching.  The search engines index the pages on the web based upon their construction and content to make searches from users effective in reaching the pages ranked as most responsive to their needs.

What are keywords?

A primary tool of SEO is the effective use of keywords.  The search engines’ indexing function assesses and stores keywords found on sites across the web in order to provide the best possible search results.  Effective keyword use in your content is a matter of creativity and art. While ensuring that the most common words are used in your content is important, it is also essential to understand and use more specialized “long tail” terms your customers are likely to use in looking for your content.  Strong SEO also utilizes proper content organization, so that search engines can easily find the keywords that are most important to your indexing.  

NameTailor builds and maintains your site with SEO as a top priority for maximizing your site’s value to your business.  NameTailor strengthens its SEO effectiveness every day by focusing on technology developments and the rapidly changing ways that the major search engines index and rank sites across the internet.   Contact us today and we will take your brand and design concepts to peak SEO performance on a site that will make your business stand out and be seen across the crowded internet.

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