The Growing Importance of Seamless Mobile and Desktop Web Design


Website speed and responsiveness, along with mobile and tablet performance, are becoming as important as great content is to winning SEO performance. Seamless mobile and desktop web design has become all the more crucial in this age of technology. Web design that consistently ranks highly in Google searches is a rapidly changing art. Companies that understand Google’s methods are able to provide web designs that are set up for successful indexing.

What’s To Come In SEO Friendly Web Design?

Google recently announced that in 2019 the company will start using indexing. Therefore giving priority to new websites based on their mobile device performance.  In other words, Google will be indexing new domain names based first on mobile performance. Sites that are built to prioritize mobile performance in a uniform design that works for mobile and desktop devices will have an indexing advantage over all sites that do not adapt to the priority Google gives to designs that have high mobile functionality.  

Google’s Impact on Your Site

Google will continue indexing and ranking desktop versions of content along with mobile versions. Sites that have separate or poorly performing mobile versions are going to suffer.   In response to greatly increased searches from mobile devices, Google will also display mobile pages in search results. Website owners with Google-friendly mobile design will see rapidly improving Smartphone Googlebot crawl rate beginning this year.  Indexing will not be mobile-only, but will place at least as much value on a site’s mobile performance as traditional desktop performance, and in indexing mobile performance will be regularly prioritized.  Google will no longer be thinking of mobile display and performance as “desktop-adjacent,” and neither should you.

Ranking Your Site

Sites that are designed for high mobile performance on all devices are going to rank more successfully with Google.   Mobile load times of content, images, and dynamic content are more important than ever. Consistent mobile+desktop design also will have equivalent titles and meta descriptions for both versions of all pages across an entire site.  Mobile design best practices that emphasize screen space and memory management are going to be rewarded with improved indexing.

A winning mobile+desktop design will allow you to maximize the SEO value of your site’s content.

NameTailor is your partner for unified web design optimized for mobile and desktop users and crafted for successful indexing with Google’s new and upcoming processes.NameTailor will build your webpage with an emphasis on optimal mobile performance working side-by-side with desktop performance, and not as an afterthought or an “add-on.”  Contact us today for more information on a seamless mobile and desktop web design that will provide peak Google indexing performance.

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