How Effective Social Media Marketing Puts Your Business On The Map


In the last few years, social media use in marketing has transitioned from a quirky way for retail companies to interact with existing customers to a primary marketing technique for companies of all types and sizes.  The recent focus on customer experience as the key to effective marketing and brand awareness has made social media more important than ever to a comprehensive marketing plan.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is internet marketing that uses the variety of social media platforms to create and share marketing content at low to no cost with millions of regular social media uses, including your existing customers and potential customers.  Social media posts can include virtually any type of marketing and advertising material including text, video, images, interactive content, and promotional materials. There is literally no limit to how creative and imaginative marketing ideas can be formatted for social media exposure.

Effective social media marketing directs traffic directly to your website, boosts brand awareness and association.  It creates direct conversions and communication with target audiences. Social media marketing ties directly into all of your other more expensive and traditional marketing strategies, adding value to all of your marketing efforts.

How is Social Media Marketing Managed?

Outstanding social media marketing requires two major elements:  (1.) building and updating excellent content, and (2.) planning and updating effective posting strategies.

Building quality content requires incorporation of an overall marketing plan into social media posts.  You and your management team should consider what goals you are trying to achieve, and who your target audiences are.  This will inform your thinking about where your target audience spends their time on social media and why they are on a particular platform in the first place.  Your social media marketing material should be carefully constructed to send the message that you want your audience to hear directly.  

Social media planning includes researching competitors and understanding which keywords are essential for placement of your posts. There are powerful analytic tools that allow companies to determine which platforms are most effective for meeting their marketing goals and what types of posts work best for different purposes.  

Of course, effective social media marketing also requires daily attention to both the analytic tools and the actual process of creating social media posts and getting them posted and, hopefully, on the audience members’ timelines in a prominent position. 

Why You Need a Professional Social Media Management Team

The power of social media marketing lies in understanding and maximizing the direct interaction social media allows between your brand and existing and potential customers.  The social media marketplace changes daily, and in sometimes fundamental ways.  

Simply having an account on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn and some posts does not produce effective social media marketing.  Professional management includes in-depth industry knowledge of how each platform is best utilized and how the technology involved in managing each platform works and changes in real time.  In addition to the biggest social media platforms, each business should consider what other platforms might provide additional value to their marketing plan and brand awareness at low cost.  

Professional social media marketing management also provides valuable feedback on the effectiveness of your social media tactics.  With state of the art diagnostic analysis, NameTailor ensures that your marketing plan is working as intended and remains up to date with continuous adjustments and adaptations as necessary.  

NameTailor will design a comprehensive digital marketing plan for your business and your website that maximizes the powerful impact of social media.  Contact us today and we will get started on taking your marketing presence on social media to the next level.

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