NameTailor’s roots are in real-world business leadership experience and best practice technology. This gives us a unique perspective into our clients’ needs and challenges.

We’ve been there.

We succeed when you succeed. We are excited to become a part of your team. We’re proud to bring our expertise to the table so you can focus on what you do best.

After years of success in large and medium sized businesses, our founder, Bruce, started an e-commerce company in 1998. You could say that’s when we got our start in website development, ecommerce and digital marketing. Bruce sold that business a few years later but continued to manage it for a few more years. He went on to launch other businesses, always using the web as a sales platform.

In 2014 NameTailor began as a reseller of valuable local domain names. We realized that businesses could utilize exact-match domains (EMD’s) to help their local customers find them more easily. After developing a way to find and match local domains with businesses that could benefit from them, we started marketing and selling them. Since then, NameTailor has sold thousands of domains. We are a Platinum Partner with GoDaddy.

As our clients started using their new domains to drive website traffic, they began to ask us to put our online expertise to work for their business. They had learned that we were good partners that they could trust. So, drawing on our time-tested experience marketing and selling online, we started offering our digital services to clients as well.

We’ve been able to put our online business building skills to use in many industries and markets. We’ll earn your trust the way we’ve earned the trust of all our clients. Let us take care of your digital needs so you can take better care of your business.

Becoming more involved in our clients’ businesses has been the fuel to our excitement. We can’t wait to get started on yours.

The Team at NameTailor

Bruce Martin – President & CEO   
Bruce’s early career includes senior executive leadership positions in multi-billion-dollar businesses. He also served as President of a large direct-marketing Company, helping the Company to complete an IPO. He built one of the first e-commerce websites in 1998 as the founder and CEO of the Company. Bruce quickly grew that business and later sold it to a Fortune 100 Company, where he continued to lead the business for a number of years. He is involved in other diverse businesses he started and still owns. One of his many accolades includes being an Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of The Year Finalist. He leads the general management of the Company from his East coast office near New York City.

Cameron TaylorChief Technology Officer
Cameron has been building technical business solutions for fast-growth startups and institutions in the tech-rich corridor of Silicon Valley in Northern California for several years. He is an educator and evangelist who has developed several apps in Google Play. He brings the best, most cutting-edge tools and solutions to our clients. From simple websites to custom software solutions and apps, Cameron leads our technical team from his office in San Jose, CA.

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