Web Solutions.
Tailored to your business.


Nametailor designs and develops custom websites that scale to all devices. No need for separate mobile websites that can confuse customers and add extra points of failure to your digital operations. Nametailor also provides hosting services. Bundling your web needs saves your business the headache of having to manage multiple accounts and services.

Digital Marketing

Nametailor designs your marketing campaigns specific to your business goals and budget. We believe that sometimes, more clicks does not mean more money for your bottom line and seek to fully understand your business before we develop a marketing strategy for you.

Custom Software Development

Software can help your business run more efficiently. Often businesses spend large amounts of time completing repititious tasks. Nametailor can help automate tasks that you complete in your business daily using software, saving you time and money.

The internet is full of tools.

We only care about tools that help your business make money.

Our Toolbox


Knowing your customer is essential. That's why we include tools in every website that help you locate and understand your digital customers in every website we build.


One of the quickest ways to dramatically increase your sales is to offer your in store products to customers online. Nametailor can help your business reach a larger customer base with simple e-commerce solutions.

Social Media

Showcasing your business in front of local customers using social media can be a cost effective way to grow your business. Nametailor can create and manage social media profiles in a way that maximizes your target market.

Email Campaigns

Help your customers keep up to date with your business. Automatically thank your customers for their support or provide them up to date news on new products and special promotions.

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If you have any questions about how we can help your business succeed online, please contact us.

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